September 14, 2016


[FULL TENTATIVE PROGRAM of the conference (pdf)]

Transforming consumption and production paradigms to support sustainable societies – Sustainable futures in practice
Organized by Pierpaolo Duce, IBIMET – Istituto di Biometeorologia (CNR)
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New data and data-driven modelling for climatic investigations
Organized by Antonello Pasini, IIA – Istituto sull’Inquinamento Atmosferico (CNR)
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Regional and Environmental Impacts in a Changing Climate
Organized by Cristina Sabbioni, ISAC – Istituto di Scienze dell’Atmosfera e del Clima (CNR)
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Climate Smart solutions for Agriculture and Forestry: a way to cope with climate change
Organized by, Costantino Sirca/Valentina Mereu  Università di Sassari and CMCC and Antonio Bombelli, CMCC
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Contributions by non-state actors for more effective policies at sub-national level
Organized by Mita Lapi, FLA- Fondazione Lombardia per l’Ambiente
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Impacts and mitigation strategies in coastal areas
Organized by Renzo Mosetti, OGS – Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica
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Challenges and opportunities for mitigation and adaptation in a post-Paris context
Organized by Francesco Bosello, CMCC/FEEM/Università degli Studi Milano
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Climate of the Past, from archives to data interpretation
Organized by Carlo Barbante, IDPA – Istituto per la Dinamica dei Processi Ambientali (CNR)
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Feasibility and implications of low-carbon scenarios
Organized by Stefano Caserini, Politecnico di Milano
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Organised by Giovanni Coppini, CMCC